Be part of the solution, not the problem

Lately I have I have been watching a lot of documentaries like Zeitgeist, Thrive, Sirius etc and I have really started to wake up to the devastation that we are inflicting on the Earth, and our fellow inhabitants. I find myself feeling quite depressed after watching most of these films but after a while that depression turns into strength that has created the desire within me to make a difference and join forces with those hoping to affect a serious change in the world.

I remember when I first watched Zeitgeist a few years ago my initial impression was that it was all a bunch of wackos spreading their conspiracy theories through a cleverly constructed collection of imagery and ‘witness accounts’. But over time, the points that they convey start to make perfect sense. And the more of these documentaries I watch, the more I believe that if we don’t do something to reverse what is happening, then in another 100 years, this planet is going to be in a seriously bad place.

The latest documentary I watched was called Samsara. I didn’t completely know what to expect when I started watching this because it has absolutely no commentary, but it has some glowing reviews. It is an amazing piece of work displaying the most beautiful and creative aspects of human life in the most intense and vibrant colour. It was all recorded on old-school 70mm film! However, in contrast, it also shows some of the most destructive, and inhumane, facets of our existence. I won’t give you a play-by-play but some of the imagery was quite horrifying and enlightening at the same time. I highly recommend watching it.

Another one I watched recently was Thrive which brings to light the oppression of technologies that could alter our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. It goes on to explain the concept of New Energy and how it is not in fact new, or even theorised. The new label of New Energy refers to technologies that have been long tried and tested over the last 100 years. These technologies have the potential to provide clean, free and renewable energy all over the world. My first question was, why have we never heard of this stuff? Why are these inventions not making news headlines? If these technologies have already been developed, tested and proven, why are we not using them to power our homes, and our cars?

I think that the answer to these questions are best answered by asking another question; who/what would see a dramatic decrease in income by making energy free and widely available? Gas, oil and coal companies! As much as it sounds like a conspiracy, the powers to be which control the economy also own the worlds biggest suppliers of oil, gas and coal – our 3 major sources of energy! Controlling the supply of energy is one way which these powers control the people and keep them enslaved. If New Energy were allowed to become mainstream, these companies would lose trillions and their grasp on the people would loosen; meanwhile the environment would have a fighting chance at restoring itself to a healthier state.

New Energy was just one concept that Thrive explored, there are several more that I plan on also exploring myself, and sharing here. Ideas that are backed with a great deal of evidence, not just here-say, that I think as a collective we should be open, and aware of, in order to allow us to choose which side of the coin we want to live on, and what we want to leave for the generations to come.

Personally, by becoming aware of the issues presented in these documentaries, I have chosen to commit myself to take small actions that will help to ‘fix’ the world. Rather than allowing the mainstream, or the norm, to influence my thoughts, actions and lifestyle. I am choosing to live differently with an intention to improve the lives of everyone that I come in to contact with. I want to live a simple life rich in experiences as opposed to a life of materialism and consumerism which we are brainwashed to desire. My desire is to reconnect with the spirit and live with the earth, not off of it!

I want to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem!


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