Word of the Day – Mosolyog

Today’s word of the day was inspired by an Hungarian work colleague. Every couple of weeks I get her to teach me a new word which I try to use as much as possible around her. I think that she enjoys it when I use the simple please, thank you, yes, no because she always breaks into a big smile. Sometimes I do it just to make her smile if she is looking a little down or bored. I think she has been in the UK for a few years so I can imagine that it must be nice for her to hear her native language every now and then just to give her a little piece of home. I know that, for myself, whenever I hear another Australian accent I instantly feel connected to my home land, however brief.

Today’s word is Mosolyog which means ‘smile’.

As far as I can gather it is pronounced ‘moy-shoy-og’. So if by chance you meet an Hungarian in the near future just remember mosolyog.


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