My Travel Tattoo

A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to get a tattoo, something that no-one else had, and something that meant a lot to me. I started to design it in my head, adding bits and pieces to it over time until I was pretty happy with it. I never drew it, just kept it in my mind. Then one night, I was sat in the pub having a few drinks with one of the campers and his wife (who have since become very good friends) telling them about my tattoo idea. As it turns out, the bloke I was talking to was an award-winning tattooist back in the day and still done a bit of work for friends and family – and he offered to do my tattoo for me! Instantly there was a moment of ‘crap’, it’s actually going to happen, this isn’t just an idea any more!

We agreed that I will take care of his pitch, and in a few months he came back down bringing all of his gear and work commenced in my caravan. It took 3 sittings in total and about 8 hours of work, over about 3-4 months, from memory but it a masterpiece that I am really proud of and grateful for.

Here is the finished piece,


Every single country is outlined and the whole idea is to get each country coloured in as I visit it. So far I have been to France, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, England and Australia of course.

I wanted to introduce some ‘rules’ to prevent simply country-hopping through Europe and getting it all coloured in without actually seeing much. The rules I decided on;

  1. Spend at least 14 days in the country, and
  2. Travel at least 50km from the point of origin.

So at the moment, only England and Australia ‘qualify’ but I have plenty of travelling to be done yet!


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