Aren’t we destroying our planet?

Driven by endless greed,
and insatiable desire,
we conquer, divide,
consume and acquire.
Aren’t we destroying our planet?

You know how when you are just hit with a thought, just out of the blue? Well this is one of those so I had to get it written down before is escaped. Hopefully I will add to it over time.

If you have inspiration to share let me know 🙂


7 thoughts on “Aren’t we destroying our planet?

  1. who are these that conquer are greedy with insatiable desire to consume? did you have specific people in mind? can you be more specifi what part of consumtion is actually harming the earth or using up resources faster then they can be placed? after all you eat food don’t you? do you have a nice house or place to live? do you go to the doctor when sick? do you use computers (self evident apparently)do you use cell phone? smart phone? watch tv? go to the movies? drive a car? did you get clothes and vacations as a kid? how do you supposed these things are destroying the planet? what part of consumtion is actually destroying the earth? how do you determine the difference between changes of the earth or destruction? you have to define destruction, because one man’s change is another man’s destruction, personally I like having a car otherwise how can I get very far especially vote with my feet? I like a warm house in winter and coolness in summer, I don’t consider these things as unsustainable, only heavy regulation and interference with free will of the one’s who actually produce and free will of those who decide what they want or not. I don’t like destruction of forests or overuse, but how does one determine when one is overusing or just using? these resources are here for us to use of course don’t confuse use with abuse. this earth is just to vast to understand in our limited sphere, even the experts of gov do not know what is sustainable or what is good or bad, man has been battling this idea for thousands of years, how to determine what is good or bad regardless of what your talking about. so I do not trust anyone to determine what is sustainable or not. I would rather rely on God of the bible for this, the bible gives lots of principles and examples of how God feels about us and how we are to use the planet. no man can determine that. but I understand your concern, it seems to be getting out of control, but really it seems to be that way when you compare the poor nations to ours, but these things do not explain why we are rich and they are poor.

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