A new chapter begins…

I actually wrote this post a few days ago but I have been in no rush to get connected to the internet so I am only just posting it.


So today marks the beginning of a new adventure for me; a new chapter in my life. This morning at 9am I walked out of the home that I have been living for the last 14ish months with nothing more than a backpack and my didgeridoo. Now, away from the comforts of a memory foam mattress and 4 walls I am in a tent in a field where I will be for the next 2 months, minimum.

The day began with breakfast and a coffee with 2 beautiful friends before I caught the 1220 bus from Exeter in Devon to Bude on Cornwall’s north coast. Then after a 20 minute walk I arrived at the Cerenity Eco Campsite where I am now a volunteer. I was greeted by the owner, the manager (the daughter), and 7 other volunteers. I instantly felt welcomed!

After the initial hellos and where are you froms I pitched my tiny one-man tent for the first time. It’s a cool looking tent…very cosy. Only just enough room for me once my backpack is in. Tea was another rustic treat…jacket potatoes cooked in the fire with some tuna, sweetcorn and mayo all mashed up.

It is everything I had hoped for and more! Working with animals, outdoors, and with some cool people from around the world. An awesome introduction to the world of HelpXing.


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