My new home…

It has taken me four days to decided to connect the internet. Not because I felt that I needed it but because I wanted to share my last few days with my family and some of my close friends.

I am having an amazing time here thus far. As I am writing this post I am sitting in the animal shed surrounded by barns with goats bleating, dew drops falling from the trees and an ex-race horse staring at me from across the way.

It is really quite beautiful here and really laid back. Celli, the manager, is awesome…gave us all the day off yesterday and we all went down to a little town called Boscastle, then on to Bosiney and then to Tintagel where we went rock jumping in to the little cove overlooked by, what is believed to be, King Arthurs Castle and a load of spectators. One of the cats has just joined me, named Habibti…which is Arabic for ‘My Love’ 🙂 The water was bloody cold but the excitement kind of overwhelmed us all.

Here with me are two French guys, an Aussie girl who is jam-packed with personality, a German, a Kiwi and a couple of English. Apparently more volunteers are joining us in the coming week.

Cornwall is a seriously beautiful part of England and I can’t wait to see some more of it.


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