A Sense of Community

It has been 7 days since I left the comforts of a brick house, hot water and a comfy bed in exchange for a one-man tent in a field, compost toilets and solar showers; and despite the few days of heavy rain and chilly nights I am becoming quite accustomed to my new outdoor lifestyle.

My days usually consist of getting up around 7-730ish and opening up the little cafe on the campsite (which will now probably remain closed for the winter due to a lack of campers) at 8am, cooking some bacon, eggs and sausages mainly for the volunteers and then packing that up when we are done eating. There are no set times or schedules, things just kind of get done when we want to do things…but things still get done! Then once the cafe is shut up I will usually find something else to do which may be to prepare some firewood or help out in some way with one of the may projects currently running. Today I am clearing some overgrowth to make room for a new chalet that is being built as a hang-out area for the volunteers over the winter.

Even without the promise of a financial reward for my time I am still very motivated to complete the required tasks and to help out wherever I can. I think that the motivation is coming from being a part of this small community of nomadic eco-conscience volunteers and just wanting to provide some value. There is such an amazing group of people here and there are people coming and going. Since arriving an English girl has joined us and in the next couple of days a couple of people will be leaving. I really look forward to having new volunteers show up to hear their stories of travel and share opinions and views on different topics.

I think that the best part about being here is that when I share my ideas and thoughts, or talk about the things I want to do, or skills I would like to learn, they are generally embraced and discussed with open minds. I truly feel like I have found people who have a similar outlook when it comes to the environment, simple living, travel and self-sufficiency.

I hope to upload some photos soon.


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