The Cost of Living

The cost of living! Quite an unusual concept when you really think about it. Why is there a cost of living? Why do we have to pay to be alive? Do the animals or the plants pay to live? Every single aspect of our lives has been monetised, our food, clothing, shelter, land, even our water costs something! These things are all around us, abundantly provided naturally, for free. Soon, I have no doubt, that we will be paying for air! We have absolutely no idea how to live without money. So…to pay for all these necessities we have to go and work, to earn a living! Like we have to prove we are worthy of being alive. This has become so normal for us that it isn’t given any thought at all. It’s a vicious cycle of earning a living to cover the cost of living to instantly satisfy our desires created through marketing and advertising. But the biggest cost, hidden away, isn’t our paper or plastic money, or coins, it’s our time, our freedom, our passions, our communities, our planet and our spirit. Perhaps the best way out of this ‘rat race’ isn’t to play the game so well that we make it through; perhaps it is better to not participate at all, to realise the game isn’t real.


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