That gut feeling… – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 4

Step 4 of EP7, Empowered for Purpose, is all about developing and trusting our intuition to help us live more in tune with our desires. What really stood out for me during this session was how George described intuition as a function of our subconscious mind, transcending time as we know it, to analyse facts unavailable to our five senses. That’s pretty trippy! I pictured my subconscious zipping from my body, travelling in to the future and then giving me instant feedback, via a feeling, a voice or an image, before I even had a chance to register the incoming information on a conscious level. As amusing as it sounds it feels very real.

Intuition has played a large part in my travels in the past couple of years. I had my first realisation of the power if intuition when I was on my way back to Perth from Ireland a couple of months ago. It was quite a journey involving 8 hours in Amsterdam, 5 days in Bangkok and something like 16 hours in Singapore. Besides the 5 days in Bangkok, all that time was spent sitting in the airport, sleeping, contemplating, reflecting. It was while I was in Singapore that I suddenly realised just how effortlessly my intuition had guided me to the experiences I had desired.

If you aren’t trusting your gut you are disabling yourself where you need it the most.

-George Helou

It had occurred to me that all of the experiences I had been fortunate to have over the 12 months prior were pretty much exactly as I had desired. 6-months before I left England I was living on an eco-campsite where I lived and worked as a volunteer with an amazing group of people. We all shared similar interests in sustainability, farming, animals and the environment. It was there that I fell in love with horses and first started to learn to ride and care for them. I was desperate to learn more but I knew there wasn’t much more I could learn there.


Although my departure from Cerenety was difficult, and semi-forced by the misplacement of an important document I needed to apply for residency just days prior to the end of my visa, I decided to head off. I ended up in Portugal, in the beautiful Algarve, at a horse yard helping to look after 19 horses. Here I was able to learn more about these amazing beings, and take my riding to the next level. I can still remember the first time I cantered…it was like flying! I spent 5 weeks there then moved a bit further north in to the Alentajo to work with some more horses and it was there I got my introduction to natural horsemanship.

While in Portugal learning more about horses I started to also learn a bit more about sustainability and self-sufficiency, mainly growing your own food. Surrounding the horse yard in the Algarve were small plots of land owned and worked by locals to grow all sorts of fruit and vegetables and it peaked my interest. It was then my desire to learn more about growing food which I believe led me to…

Romania a 200 hectare water buffalo farm. The owner of the farm had grand visions of building a permaculture farm and sustainable food production system but openly confessed he didn’t hold all the keys. When I first arrived at the farm the raised beds were indistinguishable from the knee-high grass and weeds. I took it upon myself to clear it out, clean it up and through my demonstration of desire I was entrusted to keeping all the vegetables alive and thriving. Pretty much exactly what I wanted!

I spent days devouring book after book learning about each individual vegetable and about seed saving and optimal soil conditions. I had the freedom to do what I thought best and I learnt a hell of a lot in a short space of time. My time in Romania was limited to three months but I started to feel the urge to move on after two. I began to have the feeling that it would be nice to have my own space and even more freedom to combine my love of horse and growing food. It was then that I met some people from Ireland and decided to book a flight; two weeks later I was in Dublin.


I ended up out in West Cork just outside of a small town, close to the coast, called Skibbereen. I spent 4 weeks living with Marian, a retired horticulturist, and her artist friend Maurice. My job there was to help out around the garden which is a small price to pay to learn about Marian’s gardening philosophy, and what some may call an ‘unkept’ garden. Marian knew every weed and plant and the role it played in maintaining optimal growing conditions for the surrounding plants. We spent hours exchanging ideas and I tried to tackle her complete library of gardening books.

The house and gardens were on one acre surrounded by an additional 4 1-acre fields hidden by hedges. Most of the surrounding land was once owned by her family but now it was only her 5 acres and the one acre owned by her sister that remained. These 4 1-acre fields sat empty, in the hope that one day her children might take up an interest in market gardening, or farming, or permaculture. There is little doubt that this was an opportunity for me to do something more with her land. Marian did hint, not always so subtly, that if I were to stay I would be welcome to use it under an agreement.

Whilst I did acknowledge this opportunity at the time I know that something held me back. What now feels like an excuse, I used the fact I had only been granted a 1-month stay in Ireland to leave but now I am certain that there was much more to it than that. It was exactly what I was looking for; I could have combined my love of horses and growing food in one place. Under the experienced and knowledgable eye of Marian and her extensive local network, it was a great opportunity. What makes it worse was that I was conscious of the fact I was holding myself back, I was totally aware of the limiting beliefs, that manifested themselves as fear and doubt, and I let them take over when I could have addressed it, re-imagined a different outcome and let intuition do it’s thing.

The Power of Intuition

I feel that this is one of those moments where I didn’t listen to my intuition which was handing me exactly what it was that I wanted at that time. With the help of EP7 it is now so clear to me that at times we are our worst enemies, putting our head in the way of our heart and gut. It is becoming increasingly evident to me that it is one thing to know what you want for your life but it is another thing entirely to not be simultaneously pushing your desires away through the retention of limiting ideas and beliefs.

If you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you have always got.

– Tony Robbins

So it was through this reflection of those past 12 months that I came to really appreciate the power of intuition. Without even been consciously aware, my intuition was constantly pushing me in the right direction. I realised then, and this has been affirmed through the EP7 program so far, that when we allow our intuition, that gut feeling, to rule, the attainment of our desires is effortless. But, adversely, when we allow our disempowering beliefs to exist unaddressed we are intentionally self-sabotaging ourselves

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