Prioritise Purpose – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 6

Seize the moment

– George Helou

I am beginning to think we have been sold a lie. Well I think there are many lies that have messed with how we see ourselves in the this life but this one in particular is about ‘purpose’. I touched on how I struggled with the idea of purpose in the last EP7 post but now I can see how we have all bought in to the idea that we all have just one purpose in our life and one day we may just find it. By believing we have just one over-arching purpose and we have no control over when and where it will come to us we are setting ourselves up for a life of endless searching.

New found reality for me is that purpose can be created in each moment, every interaction with every person and every action or role we undertake. We can consciously and intentionally create purpose in even the most minute, seemingly insignificant tasks like washing the dishes, or drinking a cup of tea. We don’t have just one purpose, we can have an infinite number of purposes that can help us to achieve amazing experiences in each moment. And when we are living on purpose in each moment it is almost impossible for us to NOT lead extraordinary lives and project awesomeness in everything we do.

It is exciting and motivating to know that I can create a detailed purpose for every aspect of my life; I am certainly working on it. I wouldn’t imagine a lot of people out there would have created and committed their purpose to being a brother, a son, a friend, or a mountain biker, a writer, an entrepreneur etc to paper. I’m not claiming to have done it yet but they are on my list and I have the tools needed to make it happen 🙂 More importantly though is your purpose to your own emotional well-being and your physical health which I know will set me up for the rest.

Be Assertive, Be, Be Assertive

If you can name the title of the very obscure movie reference I will give you a … [thinking…]

My new favourite word is ‘Assertive’! A dictionary may define assertive as being “confidently aggressive or self-assured” but I think there is more to it than that. To me, being assertive means having respect for yourself and displaying a commitment to live, and die, by your values and purpose which are non-negotiable. It means that you have prioritised your hearts purpose to yourself, others, and your goals and if something were to get in your way you have the inner strength and resolve to acknowledge and respectfully pardon its intrusion and carry on unaffected.

This kind of assertiveness can only come with being value and principle centered in your purpose in each moment. If you aren’t living your purpose, you must be living someone elses to a large extent and that feeling of unhappiness, boredom, denial is an indicator that your are due for a reinvention. So get creative! Create a purpose that makes your heart skip and gives you butterflies and then decide that no matter what, you are going to be a rock, an un-moveable rock, and a little bit selfish because you refuse to let anything besides your value-rich purpose exist.

To me there is a tremendous amount of power in such a decision and in knowing you can create quality in everything you do, adversely that power is taken from us when we let other’s purpose dictate our lives. It is apparent to me now that we have over-complicated the idea of purpose. I also believe that we all know what makes our heart turn on but we are led to believe that we can’t have it because life is hard, it’s a struggle, and we don’t have enough time or money or some deep-rooted belief,  dirty context, halts us.

We have been tricked in to believing that the heart is an expensive luxury.

-George Helou

Step 6: Living on Purpose

So step 6 is all about translating the purpose we created in the numerous areas of our lives in to practical steps designed to bring us to the present in each moment. Emphasising the journey itself as the sweetness of life, composed of a series of destination moments for us to live on purpose rather than some superior destination somewhere in the future. In any moment we can stop and ask ourselves “how can I inject my purpose here?”, or “what values am I aligning with and expressing?” to help us to ‘own’ that moment and manifest a quality experience.

Success is not in a destination found in time. It’s a journey of a hearts purpose served by mind.

– George Helou

George introduced to us the concept of neural triggers a couple of weeks ago and it was in this session I saw just how they can be used to help us be in each moment and task. The idea of planning your day certainly isn’t a new one, and I have dabbled in this practice on and off in the past as a time management tool but when you throw in neural triggers that shift your attention back to your purpose, for each scheduled activity, it takes on a whole new meaning. The neural triggers in Step 6 function as a timeley reminder of the values that you want to be present and exchanged with every person and task. Certainly a practice I want to solidify in to my routine.

Achieving more with the perception of less…

The lack of time and money are two of the greatest myths of all time of which we have all subscribed to in some way at some time. They are the immediate obstacles we put up to explain why we can’t live from our heart. We either don’t have the money to live a life that excites us or we just don’t have the time to. Ironically enough, our lack of time is probably a result of working too much trying to get the money we need to finally take the plunge and live on purpose, from the heart. However, this far in to EP7 if you still don’t believe that your detailed purpose, to yourself and everything else, is a top priority there is something amiss.

George outlines a couple of practical and common-sense techniques to achieve more bang for your buck by injecting as much purpose in to everything you do. This may sound like a lot of hard work, and in the beginning it will be, but we are assured it will become more natural with time and practice, much like anything. Knowing what we know about how the development of skills and habits is simply the disconnecting and reconnecting of the 100 billion neurons in the brain all we have to do is do it enough to forge those desired pathways so that they become effortless. We will then be able to flow from moment to moment satisfying multiple purposes simultaneously.

One such technique was leveraging. You could leverage someone else’s purpose to help satisfy your own purpose, much like skill-swapping but rather than a conditional trade expecting something in return, perhaps the trade itself can be the reward. Or you could better leverage your routine or other tasks to combine purpose from multiple areas of your life in to a moment. For example walking to the store to get milk could serve your purpose to your health, but you could also call a friend the way and serve your purpose to a friendship. The depth of the layering is only really restricted by your imagination.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Learning what I have learnt over the past 6 weeks I feel incredibly confident and capable in my ability to completely re-invent myself at any time. Although I am still yet to master the tools provided I am determined to make them a part of my life. George has left nothing open to interpretation; everything from our biological capacity to be extraordinary to the practical means of designing and living on purpose has been provided in a way that appeals to common sense, not requiring faith in something unseen. The knowledge alone acquired thus far is enough to make me look at certain situations differently but with the use of the tools over time, wisdom and experience will become my teachers.

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