Your Sacred Space – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 7

Steps 1-6 of the EP7 program have been about aligning our inner environments and deepening our understanding of how we perceive and interact with the world around us. We have invested a great deal of time, energy, and possibly tears, so far ensuring that we strive to live on purpose in the moment and employing emotionally relevant repetition to dispel our disempowering beliefs and replace them with more empowering beliefs. These kind of changes take time though, from a physiological point of view, to literally concrete in new neural pathways so for a while we are in a vulnerable position where our external environment can easily pull us back in to the old way of being.

Step 7 is all about aligning our newly empowered inner environment, with our external environment so that our reinvention is supported and we can make our changes permanent. Our external environment includes other people, objects, places or roles where we are expected to be a particular way of being, the old way of being. We were introduced to the Environmental Audit tool as well as several other techniques for either changing your relationship with people, or things, or, if appropriate, removing them altogether. If anything is trying to pull you back in to a disempowering way of being, it is time to give it’s presence some thought.

Your environment is your sacred space.

– George Helou

Emotional Addictions

We are addicted to drama, I noticed this a long time ago. People will intentionally hold on to a photograph, or a job, or a relationship because it complies with their emotional addiction. It gives them the rush they need. Having lived out of a backpack for sometime, and still kind of do, I realised I couldn’t hold on to everything, I just had to keep the essentials like clothes, and a sleeping bag. So everything I had that used to remind me of past, sometimes sour, relationships has long since been disposed of in one way or another. There was just no space for it, I didn’t want it weighing me down unnecessarily.

When you are trying to make big changes in your life, for the better, it is important to realise the things in your external environment that trigger a negative response and a recurrence of your previous way of being. This is what the Environmental Audit helps with. By identifying the people, objects or situations in your life that trigger some sort of drama, and then assessing how they both affirm, and clash with your new value rich and purpose centered life, you can take the steps required to make some changes.


We addressed our bodies biochemical responses to our beliefs in Step 1: Empowered Identity. Our beliefs literally affect our cells which forms the basis for our habitual responses to external stimuli. And, when we a taking in something like 4 billions bits of information every second, but only consciously aware of 2000 bits there are a great deal of ‘bits’ that can be having an affect on our body without our awareness. Personal Assessment helps us to analyse our disempowering ideas so we can weed out the poisonous beliefs and then we can start to plant new ones.

What we are doing is altering our biochemistry which is going to take some time so we have to be patient and repetitive but we also have to become more aware of the triggers in our environment that may try to revert our biochemistry before we have had a chance to fully embed our new way of being. In much the same way that we want to get rid of those old things, we may also want to introduce new situations, or places, or people, that help to reinforce and live our purpose with ease. We can take advantage of the same methods used to implant old ideas to support and enforce the desired new ideas – emotional repetition and immersion.

Common Sense

Give them an invitation to meet you in a better place.

– George Helou

I know that I have probably said this about most, if not all, of the content delivered in this EP7 program thus far but this of course makes a great deal of sense. If the people you are interacting with regularly are bringing you down when you want to excel and be empowered to live your purpose then perhaps it is time to make some changes. They are robbing you of your right to enjoy quality experiences moment to moment and you have the free will to choose your experience. If, after confronting those relationships with compassion, understanding and respect, your non-negotiable values aren’t reciprocated it may be time to part ways.

Come to an end…

Step 7 marks the end of the Empowered for Purpose program, far too quickly in my opinion. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting down for that first session with a slight feeling of uncertainty and apprehension, but always an open mind. I can honestly say that I have learnt a lot, not just the tools and information conveyed in the program, but mostly about myself and those conscious and subconscious beliefs that have been having an impact in my life. I have also learnt that I have the capability, and courage, to finally confront and change some of those limiting beliefs that are of no benefit to me.

Although the program has ended my journey has only just begun. Equipped with the tools and knowledge developed by George I feel like I have everything I need to be the leader of the extraordinary life that we all aspire to; the life we are all meant to be living. I plan to make EP7 a permanent part of my day-to-day experience implementing the tools where appropriate to ensure I am living on purpose in each moment.

Thank you George for the opportunity to take part and be involved and thank you to everyone who was there to share in the journey.

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