Horses in Portugal

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It is amazing how human language distinguishes one behaviour from another. For example, consider the act of ‘eating healthy’…as opposed to eating unhealthily?! Shouldn’t it just be called eating? Why does anyone eat unhealthily? The language we use on a daily basis almost makes it acceptable. Another example, ‘volunteering’. How about just being human? Why do we need a separate word for it. Eating healthy, and volunteering should be so common place that we can’t even describe them, much like a fish trying to describe the water in which it swims.


Big Help Mob; Growing What’s Good in Perth

For the last 6 weeks I have had the privilege of spending time with, and getting to know, an amazing group of people dedicated to doing good here in Perth. The Big Help Mob is a not-for-profit organisation that for the past 2 years has been working tirelessly to make doing good as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing by making volunteer opportunities more accessible and enjoyable.

I joined the organisation as an untern (yes…untern) and have been welcomed with open arms. It is sometimes quite easy to forget that there are people who are working to create good in the world when all we see is bad news. But there are people out there doing good, and this bunch, of which I am part, is just one example.

Although I have only been with Big Help Mob for a short time I seriously feel like I am a part of something amazing and something I really believe in. It is really refreshing to be able to spend time with these lovely, and sometimes quirky, people all committed to improving the lives of others.

We are super close to being a self-sustaining social enterprise and a permanent force for good but we need some help to get there. I am doing my bit by aiming to raise just $500 of the $50,000 goal. I want to see Big Help Mob continue to ‪#‎growwhatsgood‬ in Perth and hopefully Australia.

Help me to help Big Help Mob. Visit my fundraising page and donate if you can.

Thank you 🙂



Perth Urban Farming off to a fine start…

About 20 days ago I decided to finally launch what I have called the Perth Urban Farming Project and it is off to a good start despite me spending 14 of those 20 days on holiday with friends in another state with limited internet access.

I started with a Kickstarter campaign (can be viewed here to raise just AUD$320 to get 1000 flyers printed for distribution to homes in my desired areas to drum up some interest. My campaign has only 9 days remaining and I have 3 backers pledging a combined AUD$127 which is amazing! Just need to get the remaining $200 to get the flyers sorted.

I also posted an ad on Gumtree looking for land and have had a response from a lady so I am going to check out her space in a couple of days.

The Project

The project idea itself has been resting in the back of my mind for about a year now, screaming out desperately to be acknowledged and I have decided to make it happen. The aim is to acquire parcels of land in other peoples yards, that they aren’t really utilising fully, to grow food that can be given away. I am mostly looking for land quite close to the city of Perth so it can be easily distributed in the city to those mostly in need. It will be a lot of work and time to develop it into a consistent ad reliable source of fresh produce but I am in it for the long haul.

To me, it combines my desire to grow real, fresh, organic and local food and to feed people. And to especially feed those who don’t access to fresh food such as those considered homeless. For me, it is super-important to give your body quality, nutrient dense food to ensure physical and emotional well-being. I hope that Perth Urban Farming will encourage others to grow food in their gardens that they can share with their neighbours and friends, and that together we can ensure that everyone has access to quality, organic food.



A Freegan is someone who tries to live simply, reducing their consumption and the pressure they place on their environment, through recycling, sharing resources, and importantly, using their time to help others in voluntary work to positive social actions locally.


Highest Calling

Growing food and providing people with nutritious, quality food should be seen as one of the highest professions available.