Big Help Mob; Growing What’s Good in Perth

For the last 6 weeks I have had the privilege of spending time with, and getting to know, an amazing group of people dedicated to doing good here in Perth. The Big Help Mob is a not-for-profit organisation that for the past 2 years has been working tirelessly to make doing good as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing by making volunteer opportunities more accessible and enjoyable.

I joined the organisation as an untern (yes…untern) and have been welcomed with open arms. It is sometimes quite easy to forget that there are people who are working to create good in the world when all we see is bad news. But there are people out there doing good, and this bunch, of which I am part, is just one example.

Although I have only been with Big Help Mob for a short time I seriously feel like I am a part of something amazing and something I really believe in. It is really refreshing to be able to spend time with these lovely, and sometimes quirky, people all committed to improving the lives of others.

We are super close to being a self-sustaining social enterprise and a permanent force for good but we need some help to get there. I am doing my bit by aiming to raise just $500 of the $50,000 goal. I want to see Big Help Mob continue to ‪#‎growwhatsgood‬ in Perth and hopefully Australia.

Help me to help Big Help Mob. Visit my fundraising page and donate if you can.

Thank you 🙂



Missed it….

It is impossible to know for sure but it seems at times that the universe is responding to my wishes time and time again. Opportunities arise, seemingly out of nowhere, and sometimes I see them in the moment and just have to act consciously, or I look back and see the opportunity that I had taken unconsciously and how it lead me to where I wanted to be. Sometimes I know that I have missed them, usually held back by my own fears. But perhaps there is no such thing as a missed opportunity, perhaps it is in itself an opportunity to learn and grow from.