A Freegan is someone who tries to live simply, reducing their consumption and the pressure they place on their environment, through recycling, sharing resources, and importantly, using their time to help others in voluntary work to positive social actions locally.


Highest Calling

Growing food and providing people with nutritious, quality food should be seen as one of the highest professions available.

Basic Needs

Universal access to enough quality food has to be seen as a basic building block of a healthy society.

– The Urban Food Revolution


Only you can…



123 Followers…Thank you!!

I started writing this blog at a time in my life where I was starting to respect my own voice a lot more. My own opinions and thoughts started to become louder and more discernible from others and along with that the desire to express them openly. It has been humbling to know that others out there can relate my views. It is a re-occurring theme at the moment for me that we are not alone, despite how alone we feel and how unique we think our problems are there are others out there feeling the same.

As they say, the internet has this amazing ability to bring people together regardless of geographic distance and I think this is a blessing. Regardless of the strong front we like to project in our immediate environment we feel safer, and more comfortable sharing with total strangers online; there is nothing really to lose! This helps to build confidence in ones’ individuality and gives them the strength to let that individuality start to shine in to their relationships with others and themselves.

I hope that all 123 of you, and any future follows, enjoy and benefit in some way from my posts. As my own purpose begins to become clearer and driven intently, I hope that I can share my growing wisdom and knowledge with you further. I am experiencing first hand the impact that a commitment to one’s own self-worth can have in your everyday life. I feel very fortunate for the beautiful people who have been a part of the journey thus far, and the beautiful people flowing in to my life now.

Thank you for being a part of  my journey 😉



Belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, social, or economic life.

– Definition,



We can learn from history, we can draw inspiration from it and look back to appreciate it but we can not live there.