Your Sacred Space – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 7

Steps 1-6 of the EP7 program have been about aligning our inner environments and deepening our understanding of how we perceive and interact with the world around us. We have invested a great deal of time, energy, and possibly tears, so far ensuring that we strive to live on purpose in the moment and employing emotionally relevant repetition to dispel our disempowering beliefs and replace them with more empowering beliefs. These kind of changes take time though, from a physiological point of view, to literally concrete in new neural pathways so for a while we are in a vulnerable position where our external environment can easily pull us back in to the old way of being.

Step 7 is all about aligning our newly empowered inner environment, with our external environment so that our reinvention is supported and we can make our changes permanent. Our external environment includes other people, objects, places or roles where we are expected to be a particular way of being, the old way of being. We were introduced to the Environmental Audit tool as well as several other techniques for either changing your relationship with people, or things, or, if appropriate, removing them altogether. If anything is trying to pull you back in to a disempowering way of being, it is time to give it’s presence some thought.

Your environment is your sacred space.

– George Helou

Emotional Addictions

We are addicted to drama, I noticed this a long time ago. People will intentionally hold on to a photograph, or a job, or a relationship because it complies with their emotional addiction. It gives them the rush they need. Having lived out of a backpack for sometime, and still kind of do, I realised I couldn’t hold on to everything, I just had to keep the essentials like clothes, and a sleeping bag. So everything I had that used to remind me of past, sometimes sour, relationships has long since been disposed of in one way or another. There was just no space for it, I didn’t want it weighing me down unnecessarily.

When you are trying to make big changes in your life, for the better, it is important to realise the things in your external environment that trigger a negative response and a recurrence of your previous way of being. This is what the Environmental Audit helps with. By identifying the people, objects or situations in your life that trigger some sort of drama, and then assessing how they both affirm, and clash with your new value rich and purpose centered life, you can take the steps required to make some changes.


We addressed our bodies biochemical responses to our beliefs in Step 1: Empowered Identity. Our beliefs literally affect our cells which forms the basis for our habitual responses to external stimuli. And, when we a taking in something like 4 billions bits of information every second, but only consciously aware of 2000 bits there are a great deal of ‘bits’ that can be having an affect on our body without our awareness. Personal Assessment helps us to analyse our disempowering ideas so we can weed out the poisonous beliefs and then we can start to plant new ones.

What we are doing is altering our biochemistry which is going to take some time so we have to be patient and repetitive but we also have to become more aware of the triggers in our environment that may try to revert our biochemistry before we have had a chance to fully embed our new way of being. In much the same way that we want to get rid of those old things, we may also want to introduce new situations, or places, or people, that help to reinforce and live our purpose with ease. We can take advantage of the same methods used to implant old ideas to support and enforce the desired new ideas – emotional repetition and immersion.

Common Sense

Give them an invitation to meet you in a better place.

– George Helou

I know that I have probably said this about most, if not all, of the content delivered in this EP7 program thus far but this of course makes a great deal of sense. If the people you are interacting with regularly are bringing you down when you want to excel and be empowered to live your purpose then perhaps it is time to make some changes. They are robbing you of your right to enjoy quality experiences moment to moment and you have the free will to choose your experience. If, after confronting those relationships with compassion, understanding and respect, your non-negotiable values aren’t reciprocated it may be time to part ways.

Come to an end…

Step 7 marks the end of the Empowered for Purpose program, far too quickly in my opinion. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting down for that first session with a slight feeling of uncertainty and apprehension, but always an open mind. I can honestly say that I have learnt a lot, not just the tools and information conveyed in the program, but mostly about myself and those conscious and subconscious beliefs that have been having an impact in my life. I have also learnt that I have the capability, and courage, to finally confront and change some of those limiting beliefs that are of no benefit to me.

Although the program has ended my journey has only just begun. Equipped with the tools and knowledge developed by George I feel like I have everything I need to be the leader of the extraordinary life that we all aspire to; the life we are all meant to be living. I plan to make EP7 a permanent part of my day-to-day experience implementing the tools where appropriate to ensure I am living on purpose in each moment.

Thank you George for the opportunity to take part and be involved and thank you to everyone who was there to share in the journey.

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Prioritise Purpose – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 6

Seize the moment

– George Helou

I am beginning to think we have been sold a lie. Well I think there are many lies that have messed with how we see ourselves in the this life but this one in particular is about ‘purpose’. I touched on how I struggled with the idea of purpose in the last EP7 post but now I can see how we have all bought in to the idea that we all have just one purpose in our life and one day we may just find it. By believing we have just one over-arching purpose and we have no control over when and where it will come to us we are setting ourselves up for a life of endless searching.

New found reality for me is that purpose can be created in each moment, every interaction with every person and every action or role we undertake. We can consciously and intentionally create purpose in even the most minute, seemingly insignificant tasks like washing the dishes, or drinking a cup of tea. We don’t have just one purpose, we can have an infinite number of purposes that can help us to achieve amazing experiences in each moment. And when we are living on purpose in each moment it is almost impossible for us to NOT lead extraordinary lives and project awesomeness in everything we do.

It is exciting and motivating to know that I can create a detailed purpose for every aspect of my life; I am certainly working on it. I wouldn’t imagine a lot of people out there would have created and committed their purpose to being a brother, a son, a friend, or a mountain biker, a writer, an entrepreneur etc to paper. I’m not claiming to have done it yet but they are on my list and I have the tools needed to make it happen 🙂 More importantly though is your purpose to your own emotional well-being and your physical health which I know will set me up for the rest.

Be Assertive, Be, Be Assertive

If you can name the title of the very obscure movie reference I will give you a … [thinking…]

My new favourite word is ‘Assertive’! A dictionary may define assertive as being “confidently aggressive or self-assured” but I think there is more to it than that. To me, being assertive means having respect for yourself and displaying a commitment to live, and die, by your values and purpose which are non-negotiable. It means that you have prioritised your hearts purpose to yourself, others, and your goals and if something were to get in your way you have the inner strength and resolve to acknowledge and respectfully pardon its intrusion and carry on unaffected.

This kind of assertiveness can only come with being value and principle centered in your purpose in each moment. If you aren’t living your purpose, you must be living someone elses to a large extent and that feeling of unhappiness, boredom, denial is an indicator that your are due for a reinvention. So get creative! Create a purpose that makes your heart skip and gives you butterflies and then decide that no matter what, you are going to be a rock, an un-moveable rock, and a little bit selfish because you refuse to let anything besides your value-rich purpose exist.

To me there is a tremendous amount of power in such a decision and in knowing you can create quality in everything you do, adversely that power is taken from us when we let other’s purpose dictate our lives. It is apparent to me now that we have over-complicated the idea of purpose. I also believe that we all know what makes our heart turn on but we are led to believe that we can’t have it because life is hard, it’s a struggle, and we don’t have enough time or money or some deep-rooted belief,  dirty context, halts us.

We have been tricked in to believing that the heart is an expensive luxury.

-George Helou

Step 6: Living on Purpose

So step 6 is all about translating the purpose we created in the numerous areas of our lives in to practical steps designed to bring us to the present in each moment. Emphasising the journey itself as the sweetness of life, composed of a series of destination moments for us to live on purpose rather than some superior destination somewhere in the future. In any moment we can stop and ask ourselves “how can I inject my purpose here?”, or “what values am I aligning with and expressing?” to help us to ‘own’ that moment and manifest a quality experience.

Success is not in a destination found in time. It’s a journey of a hearts purpose served by mind.

– George Helou

George introduced to us the concept of neural triggers a couple of weeks ago and it was in this session I saw just how they can be used to help us be in each moment and task. The idea of planning your day certainly isn’t a new one, and I have dabbled in this practice on and off in the past as a time management tool but when you throw in neural triggers that shift your attention back to your purpose, for each scheduled activity, it takes on a whole new meaning. The neural triggers in Step 6 function as a timeley reminder of the values that you want to be present and exchanged with every person and task. Certainly a practice I want to solidify in to my routine.

Achieving more with the perception of less…

The lack of time and money are two of the greatest myths of all time of which we have all subscribed to in some way at some time. They are the immediate obstacles we put up to explain why we can’t live from our heart. We either don’t have the money to live a life that excites us or we just don’t have the time to. Ironically enough, our lack of time is probably a result of working too much trying to get the money we need to finally take the plunge and live on purpose, from the heart. However, this far in to EP7 if you still don’t believe that your detailed purpose, to yourself and everything else, is a top priority there is something amiss.

George outlines a couple of practical and common-sense techniques to achieve more bang for your buck by injecting as much purpose in to everything you do. This may sound like a lot of hard work, and in the beginning it will be, but we are assured it will become more natural with time and practice, much like anything. Knowing what we know about how the development of skills and habits is simply the disconnecting and reconnecting of the 100 billion neurons in the brain all we have to do is do it enough to forge those desired pathways so that they become effortless. We will then be able to flow from moment to moment satisfying multiple purposes simultaneously.

One such technique was leveraging. You could leverage someone else’s purpose to help satisfy your own purpose, much like skill-swapping but rather than a conditional trade expecting something in return, perhaps the trade itself can be the reward. Or you could better leverage your routine or other tasks to combine purpose from multiple areas of your life in to a moment. For example walking to the store to get milk could serve your purpose to your health, but you could also call a friend the way and serve your purpose to a friendship. The depth of the layering is only really restricted by your imagination.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Learning what I have learnt over the past 6 weeks I feel incredibly confident and capable in my ability to completely re-invent myself at any time. Although I am still yet to master the tools provided I am determined to make them a part of my life. George has left nothing open to interpretation; everything from our biological capacity to be extraordinary to the practical means of designing and living on purpose has been provided in a way that appeals to common sense, not requiring faith in something unseen. The knowledge alone acquired thus far is enough to make me look at certain situations differently but with the use of the tools over time, wisdom and experience will become my teachers.

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That gut feeling… – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 4

Step 4 of EP7, Empowered for Purpose, is all about developing and trusting our intuition to help us live more in tune with our desires. What really stood out for me during this session was how George described intuition as a function of our subconscious mind, transcending time as we know it, to analyse facts unavailable to our five senses. That’s pretty trippy! I pictured my subconscious zipping from my body, travelling in to the future and then giving me instant feedback, via a feeling, a voice or an image, before I even had a chance to register the incoming information on a conscious level. As amusing as it sounds it feels very real.

Intuition has played a large part in my travels in the past couple of years. I had my first realisation of the power if intuition when I was on my way back to Perth from Ireland a couple of months ago. It was quite a journey involving 8 hours in Amsterdam, 5 days in Bangkok and something like 16 hours in Singapore. Besides the 5 days in Bangkok, all that time was spent sitting in the airport, sleeping, contemplating, reflecting. It was while I was in Singapore that I suddenly realised just how effortlessly my intuition had guided me to the experiences I had desired.

If you aren’t trusting your gut you are disabling yourself where you need it the most.

-George Helou

It had occurred to me that all of the experiences I had been fortunate to have over the 12 months prior were pretty much exactly as I had desired. 6-months before I left England I was living on an eco-campsite where I lived and worked as a volunteer with an amazing group of people. We all shared similar interests in sustainability, farming, animals and the environment. It was there that I fell in love with horses and first started to learn to ride and care for them. I was desperate to learn more but I knew there wasn’t much more I could learn there.


Although my departure from Cerenety was difficult, and semi-forced by the misplacement of an important document I needed to apply for residency just days prior to the end of my visa, I decided to head off. I ended up in Portugal, in the beautiful Algarve, at a horse yard helping to look after 19 horses. Here I was able to learn more about these amazing beings, and take my riding to the next level. I can still remember the first time I cantered…it was like flying! I spent 5 weeks there then moved a bit further north in to the Alentajo to work with some more horses and it was there I got my introduction to natural horsemanship.

While in Portugal learning more about horses I started to also learn a bit more about sustainability and self-sufficiency, mainly growing your own food. Surrounding the horse yard in the Algarve were small plots of land owned and worked by locals to grow all sorts of fruit and vegetables and it peaked my interest. It was then my desire to learn more about growing food which I believe led me to…

Romania a 200 hectare water buffalo farm. The owner of the farm had grand visions of building a permaculture farm and sustainable food production system but openly confessed he didn’t hold all the keys. When I first arrived at the farm the raised beds were indistinguishable from the knee-high grass and weeds. I took it upon myself to clear it out, clean it up and through my demonstration of desire I was entrusted to keeping all the vegetables alive and thriving. Pretty much exactly what I wanted!

I spent days devouring book after book learning about each individual vegetable and about seed saving and optimal soil conditions. I had the freedom to do what I thought best and I learnt a hell of a lot in a short space of time. My time in Romania was limited to three months but I started to feel the urge to move on after two. I began to have the feeling that it would be nice to have my own space and even more freedom to combine my love of horse and growing food. It was then that I met some people from Ireland and decided to book a flight; two weeks later I was in Dublin.


I ended up out in West Cork just outside of a small town, close to the coast, called Skibbereen. I spent 4 weeks living with Marian, a retired horticulturist, and her artist friend Maurice. My job there was to help out around the garden which is a small price to pay to learn about Marian’s gardening philosophy, and what some may call an ‘unkept’ garden. Marian knew every weed and plant and the role it played in maintaining optimal growing conditions for the surrounding plants. We spent hours exchanging ideas and I tried to tackle her complete library of gardening books.

The house and gardens were on one acre surrounded by an additional 4 1-acre fields hidden by hedges. Most of the surrounding land was once owned by her family but now it was only her 5 acres and the one acre owned by her sister that remained. These 4 1-acre fields sat empty, in the hope that one day her children might take up an interest in market gardening, or farming, or permaculture. There is little doubt that this was an opportunity for me to do something more with her land. Marian did hint, not always so subtly, that if I were to stay I would be welcome to use it under an agreement.

Whilst I did acknowledge this opportunity at the time I know that something held me back. What now feels like an excuse, I used the fact I had only been granted a 1-month stay in Ireland to leave but now I am certain that there was much more to it than that. It was exactly what I was looking for; I could have combined my love of horses and growing food in one place. Under the experienced and knowledgable eye of Marian and her extensive local network, it was a great opportunity. What makes it worse was that I was conscious of the fact I was holding myself back, I was totally aware of the limiting beliefs, that manifested themselves as fear and doubt, and I let them take over when I could have addressed it, re-imagined a different outcome and let intuition do it’s thing.

The Power of Intuition

I feel that this is one of those moments where I didn’t listen to my intuition which was handing me exactly what it was that I wanted at that time. With the help of EP7 it is now so clear to me that at times we are our worst enemies, putting our head in the way of our heart and gut. It is becoming increasingly evident to me that it is one thing to know what you want for your life but it is another thing entirely to not be simultaneously pushing your desires away through the retention of limiting ideas and beliefs.

If you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you have always got.

– Tony Robbins

So it was through this reflection of those past 12 months that I came to really appreciate the power of intuition. Without even been consciously aware, my intuition was constantly pushing me in the right direction. I realised then, and this has been affirmed through the EP7 program so far, that when we allow our intuition, that gut feeling, to rule, the attainment of our desires is effortless. But, adversely, when we allow our disempowering beliefs to exist unaddressed we are intentionally self-sabotaging ourselves

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The Dark Side – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 3

We are only ever one context away from a breakthrough!

– George Helou

In the interest of remaining transparent and truthful about my EP7 experience I must confess that I am struggling. As much as George tells us all to not judge ourselves too harshly I still find myself beating myself up over the realisations I am having about my behaviour and beliefs in the areas of my life that I feel I am lacking. The personal assessment work and the deconstruction of disempowering ideas is revealing a great deal more than I had expected to find but it is only through awareness of the things holding us back that we can start to ‘re-imagine’ a different outcome. And this is the point of the program thus far; know your biological potential to be outstanding, understand where you are now, and then, Step 3: Imagination, is about identifying your ability to re-imagine an alternate destiny more in line with your desires.

Down, but not out…

I feel like I have certainly opened up to another side of my being…I am going to call it the ‘Dark Side’! Not a Star Wars reference, more a metaphor for the dark side of the moon, unseen, kept in darkness, but it is a part of the whole moon nonetheless. The Personal Assessment process is revealing a number of beliefs that aren’t really conducive to desirable quality experiences and I am starting to realise that things don’t have to be that way any longer. With the use of my imagination I have the power to think beyond my current beliefs and ‘re-imagine’ something new. The only little obstacle I am currently facing is myself; I have to stop judging myself and start to look, and think, beyond the current version of myself.

We are always imagining a ‘version’ of reality!

Our beliefs are nothing more than a series of ideas, or ‘filters’ through which we interpret the information coming in. It was incredibly useful for me to visualise a series of hanging hoops, with me on one end, and the rest of the world on the other. As I am looking through these hoops, each hoop being a different idea, they all influence how I am seeing the world at the end. Personal Assessment helps us to identify each individual hoop and our imagination allows us to substitute these hoops, ideas, with other, better-serving, ideas completely transforming how we perceive the world. We can re-imagine another version of reality!

Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.

– Albert Einstein

It sounds way too easy but despite some resistance it is starting to seem pretty logical to me. I know that the resistance I am feeling is of my own creation fuelled by my own judgements and my pre-conditioning. In order to allow my imagination to take the reins and and re-imagine a version of reality more in tune with my heart I have to detach and allow what is to be, without judgement or criticism. Only then, with patience and clear intention, can I begin to re-imagine and create more empowering relationships and situations.

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Fork in the Road, Point of no Return – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 2

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

– Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr

A couple of weeks ago I had a bizarre dream, in which, I was a serial killer! So there I was, knocking off the townsfolk one by one and then, when I got found out, I ran and jumped off of a cliff which was conveniently located within sprinting distance. The sensation of jumping off of the cliff felt so real to me that I actually woke up and I still remember how it felt to just be free-falling. Ignoring the inevitable end experienced in our world of form when jumping off of a cliff; it was an amazing feeling. I do believe that our dreams can relay us messages or insights about our lives and I have created a rather significant meaning for the events in that dream since my last Empowered for Purpose session.

Think of me, the serial killer, as my awareness, the townsfolk as my disempowering and limiting thoughts and beliefs. These ‘townsfolk’ one by one meet an unsavoury end, and then, being found out was exposure to one last, deeply-held belief which led me to take the life-changing plunge to destroy it and experience the weightlessness and freedom that came with it. Now, I woke up in the sensation of falling, not landing, so I am concluding that I am to experience this weightlessness and freedom eternally. Based on some new insight from George, this interpretation of my dream, I feel, serves as an indication of what is to come. The slaying of my deep-seated, invisible but ever-present, limiting thoughts and beliefs leading to personal freedom and empowerment.

Personal Assessment

We live what we believe because we cannot experience an environment separate from our interpretation of it.

– George Helou

Last week in the EP7 course we were introduced to Step 1, our Empowered Identity; our true identity, and we learnt how our biology is shaped by our perception of the environment, and our perception of the environment is influenced by our thoughts and beliefs.  We interpret the environment as we interact with it and decide, consciously or unconsciously, what experience we are going to have in a particular moment. We have already heard how our billions of Neurons have the ability to connect and disconnect to create and reinforce habits, beliefs and behaviours so now, in the Personal Assessment, we aim to expose these learnt programmes, those that serve us and those that don’t.

Employing George’s Critical Thinking Process we analysed how we act, feel and think in the times that we were/are empowered to unearth our underlying positive beliefs. The same process is used to unearth our limiting beliefs by analysing the times when we are disempowered. This step is really about working out where you stand in relation to your true, empowered, identity, and provides practical skills to bridge the gap; becoming the responder in your interactions with your environment rather than the reactor.

The ‘Feedback Loop’

My first epiphany from the last session was how our infinitely complex neural connections, learnt programmes, effortlessly serve us when we feel empowered. This realisation came to me when following the critical thinking process for an empowerment question; the question was ‘What do you enjoy doing the most?’. With a bit of coaching through the process by George, a couple of beliefs I held and lived were uncovered which I was not consciously aware of. The eventual answer to the question ‘What do I enjoy the most?’ was ‘Arriving in a new city’.

Now, I tend not to do much planning when I head off to a new city, in fact, I barely plan anything at all! Depending on what time I will arrive, I may tentatively pre-arrange some accommodation in a hostel to ensure I am not out on the street too late at night, but besides from that, getting from the airport to the city centre, finding somewhere to sleep, food, a beer, etc is all part of the excitement…especially in non-english speaking countries. The sense of freedom felt when it is just me and my backpack with no itinerary, no destination brings me to the present to fully absorb my surroundings and enjoy the journey.

I can’t say I have ever really had a problem with this approach, if I have I obviously haven’t taken too much notice of it, but for most people I can understand this would drive them absolutely mad. Fortunately I travel alone. I can imagine most people will plan their arrival down to the last tiny detail but because of my deeply held beliefs I am able to experience something entirely different. I am able to fully surrender myself to the adventure and experience my environment free from fear or anxiety because I believe that my openness to possibilities gives me the ability to overcome potential difficulties and that when I approach people, for help or directions, as equals I can create quality experiences.

My epiphanic moment came when I realised that these beliefs aren’t conscious to me; I am not walking around saying to myself that I have to be open to possibilities so I have the ability to overcome obstacles, or I need to approach people as equals to create quality experiences, it just happens naturally, effortlessly. These beliefs are hard-wired in and have been for so long that when I arrive in a new city they just kick in and I can be present to enjoy the experience while my sub-conscious beliefs do the work of interpreting the environment for me.

Even just writing about this realisation is making my head explode all over again…

Epiphany two came immediately after re-assembling my scattered brain fragments from epiphany one; if my positive beliefs are so hardwired that they automatically create amazing experiences for me, what negative beliefs do I hold that are sub-consciously holding me back in other areas of my life? If it is possible to have positive beliefs that are so instilled serve me without me being aware, what negative beliefs are preventing me from thriving without me being aware? The shocking part about this possibility is that we can feel when we are disempowered; it usually hits us as a ‘bad’ feeling, an emotion we don’t necessarily like, in much the same way when we feel empowered and experience a good feeling. These ‘bad’ feelings are an indication of a limiting or disempowering belief but instead of acknowledging its presence as an opportunity for personal growth, George outlined 4 common ways we sever the feedback loop; denial, victimisation, excuses or blame.

What is even more shocking to me is that I thought I knew all this stuff! I thought I already lived it and was aware enough to overcome disempowering situations but actually all I was doing was acknowledging the bad emotion and accepting it deservedly. I suppose that some of the time I may actually overcome a disempowering situation consciously but perhaps only when it seemed convenient or inescapable. Even as I write this I am shaking my head at myself and asking why anyone would choose to accept the illusion of a limitation when we know we can change it?

“We’re all hypocrites because…” – George Helou

Sounds a bit harsh, I admit, but I have come to realise that it may be somewhat true. I can see from doing that one critical analysis of a time when I felt empowered that one of my beliefs is almost in direct conflict with a situation when I feel disempowered. I am pretty sure that this is the point George is trying to drive home but it seems like common sense…now! How can I, in one situation, believe that approaching someone with an open heart as an equal creates a rewarding experience but almost believe the opposite in another situation. This is nonsensical…but I would put what little money I have on the fact that we all do it! Imagine knowing that you held a particular belief in one area of your life that you really want to thrive in and then realising that you have the opposite belief in another area of your life you are already thriving in. Which of the two do you actually believe?

The Point of no Return

You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it!

-Albert Einstein

I have to confess that I didn’t expect to have my world rocked quite so much in just one evening…and this journey is still only just beginning! After the session, on the way home with George, seemingly out of nowhere, I suddenly felt a massive change come over me. I blame George and his wisdom entirely, but it was as if I collapsed a big internal wall allowing myself to see that there is room for improvement in some areas of my life, and that I was denying myself the opportunity to grow by simply ignoring them when confronted by them.

I moved from a place of resistance to a place of curiosity, curious to find out what is holding me back and what awaits me on the other side. It is like I have had a glimpse of a whole new possibility for my life which I could only see once the veil of my current conditioning was teasingly lifted. I can now see how I have been choosing the experiences that confirmed my beliefs in any given situation; I have been living my beliefs. I can now see how identifying my empowering beliefs and becoming aware of the conflict with my disempowering beliefs I can enrich the areas of my life that I feel have been lacking; giving birth to effortless achievement in all areas.

So now I stand at a fork in the road, at the point of no return. I have learnt too much to simply forget my ability to affect profound change. Now I have to choose either to travel the path of least resistance, continuing to live what I currently believe knowing I can change it, or do I take the path less travelled and embrace this opportunity to grow with courage and enhance all areas of my life? Strangely there is still some part of me resisting but I am taking the latter option, the path less travelled. In order to grow I need to get out of my own way!

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Time for a new light bulb…

It’s easier said than done but more rewarding done than said!

– George Helou


Biologically Infinite, Neurologically Limited – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 1

We are bioengineered with the capacity to be extraordinary, but neurologically configured to be ordinary/sub-ordinary in some areas of our life.

– George Helou, Mind Power Coach and Founder of Empowered for Purpose

Last week I started on a new journey! I am participating in a 7-week personal development program called EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps, and the quote above encapsulates the key message of the first step, Empowered Identity. The aim of this first session was to help us to understand how, biologically, we are a blank canvas and throughout our life we are painting a picture of ourselves and the world around us. This painting isn’t created using brushes, instead it is our thoughts and beliefs based on learnt ideas and past experiences that create the picture which in-turn affects on how we see and experience the future. Parts of our painting could be empowering and other parts disempowering but we lose our true selves in the painting, forgetting that we are actually the blank canvas underneath. We can change those parts of the painting that we feel are holding us back in certain areas of our lives; to understand how we have to learn how our thoughts and our beliefs affect our biology.

First, a bit of history…

The Empowered for Purpose program was created by a personal friend. I first met George Helou at the young and motivated age of 18 when I sought business coaching support for the first of many business ideas. It didn’t take me too long to lose enthusiasm for the idea but what remained was a great connection with an interesting and inspiring person who has always taken the time to share his wisdom. Connecting with George led to many more opportunities to meet and work with other inspiring individuals over the years who all introduced me to new ways of thinking. I always find it really interesting to look back and track all of the events that occurred because of a single person that perhaps may not have happened otherwise. It is impossible to know where we would be if something happened slightly differently in our past but it does make you appreciate how it takes just one thought, idea, action or meeting to spark off a whole new direction in life.

My interest in the profound importance of personal-development began when I was 12 years old reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Kid Smart Kid. This book found its way to me through friends of my parents and ever since that book I have devoured many more of Robert’s series and continued to expand my understanding of the supreme power that our thoughts, our language and our beliefs have on our everyday experiences and relationships. The earliest lesson I can remember learning from Robert was the difference between the word ‘problem’ and ‘challenge’. One word seems to stop you dead in your tracks but the other automatically makes you think of ways to overcome an obstacle. It is such a simple little distinction but depending on which of the two words you use to describe a situation you can set yourself up for success or, equally, failure.

Whether you believe you can do a thing, or believe that you can’t, you are right.

– Henry Ford

I would have to say that for the first 10-12 years of personal development my focus and intentions were entirely aimed at making money. I wanted to be rich and the information stored in these pages held the proverbial keys! In more recent years however an interest in spirituality, religion, philosophy, quantum physics and biology has really changed how I see the world and its infinite interactions. I no longer aspire to monetary riches, I instead aspire to learn and experience as much as I can in each moment, a different kind of riches I suppose! The more I learn, and understand, and believe, the more of an impact I feel I can have on the people around me so that they too may also deepen their understanding of their role in this great cosmic game.

Biologically Infinite

So when George offered me a place in his program I saw it as an opportunity to feed off of his passion for personal development and dive deeper in to my own thoughts and beliefs to help identify anything that may be having an undesirable impact in certain areas of my life. Admittedly, in the hours leading up to the first session I started to have that feeling of nervousness, for what reason exactly I can only guess but I have learnt that this feeling means I am moving in the right direction. It means I am moving beyond comfort and in to a place of discovery, or excitement. The last time I remember having that feeling I was in Portugal on the back of a horse, out on a hack. Saskia, the horse’s owner, told me that with the paddock and the other horses now in sight my horse was likely to bolt and suggested that if I didn’t feel safe I should jump off…quick! The butterflies set in, bit of uncertainty, but I took it all as an opportunity to have a new experience; I had never had a horse bolt on me before. It didn’t bolt in the end but at least I didn’t get off!

My thirst for information on the complexities of our universe naturally led me to the weird and wacky world of quantum physics. Quantum physics is the study of the behaviour of the particles that comprise an atom and has done its best to demonstrate that what you think of as solid actually isn’t and what you think is there, could actually be somewhere else! This for me was the first practical bit of evidence that the world around us was pretty much an illusion, and we are the perceivers of said illusion. It gave me a deeper understanding of the power of our thoughts beyond the long-lived self-help ‘always be happy and positive’ philosophy. How we ultimately perceive the world around us can be attributed to our biology and the 100 billion Neurons in our brain that can form an infinite number of neural pathways in the brain. These neural pathways link up concepts, with events, feelings, objects, people etc so that when we hear a certain word, or think of a certain someone, we can instantly jump from the thought, to a past experience, to a feeling in a fraction of a second. These pathways have developed as a result of our past experiences, our ideas and our beliefs and serve as a lens to how we see the future. We predict, and often limit, our future experiences based on our past neuro wiring.

This is pretty heavy stuff! But there’s more!

We have the capacity to re-wire our past conditioning to improve the quality of our future experiences. Through conscious thought, willful determination and some guidance we can disconnect undesirable neuro pathways and make new connections that serve us. As well as the neurons in the brain we have 100 million in the gut and 40,000 in the heart. I don’t know about you but I can certainly recall times when my heart has felt like it has swallowed one of those gob-stoppers or when I have had that feeling in my gut telling me to take a particular action despite my head telling me that it may not be the most sensible decision. That gut feeling is something I have come to really appreciate and respect a great deal more in the last few years while I was travelling in Europe. I often ran with a decision because it just felt right, and then months later when you look back at that moment and the events that have unfolded since you can see that something magical has happened. The power of intuition.

Physiological Effects of Stress

I remember reading a book years ago that touched on the physiological effects of stress on the body’s cells and organs. I had completely forgotten about it until George brought it up. Fortunately for me stress doesn’t play a huge part in my life, the last time stress got the better of me was when a border control officer at Dublin Airport wanted to deport me back to Romania because he deemed I didn’t have enough money to enter the country. After sleeping at Bucharest airport for 8 hours with a Tequila hangover, the hour delay taking off and the 4 hour flight, an un-winnable argument about my resourcefulness and ability to stay in Ireland for 3 months with less that $800 got me a little worked up! He was kind enough to grant me a one month stay in the end which I accepted but my blood was still boiling. This kind of situation serves as a reminder that it only takes a single thought, or objection, to illicit a full on biochemical response, I mean, I was tense, and angry, but I wasn’t in any kind of physical danger but my body believed I was. It probably didn’t help that once he mentioned sending me back to Romania and the stress built up I couldn’t answer any of his questions without a pause and a bit of an uncertain stammer…not the kind response you want to show a guy who can mistake these reactions for intended deceit! My brain had completely shut down in response to the perceived threat. I would be an open book if I did ever try to intentionally deceive someone, especially border control.

This explosion for me is incredibly rare but for most people this kind of stress happens far too frequently, some even live in a constant state of stress. Stress is the bodies response to a perceived threat, physical or otherwise, to prompt and prepare the fight or flight response. This response serves us well when we actually have to face a physical threat where running or fighting may be useful but most of the time the stress response is triggered when someone merely disagrees with an opinion. And this to me is incredibly interesting because if the stress response, a survival instinct, is triggered from a perceived threat to our believed identity, our ideas, opinions, beliefs, then our mind believes that we are fighting for our life. When our body is in the stressed state, the bodies energy, and nutrients is redirected from our organs to our muscles, preparing to run or fight. And like I said above, this is useful if actually faced with a physical threat every now and then but if we are constantly living in stress, our body is constantly denying itself the nutrients it needs for growth leaving us susceptible to illness or disease. This can have a lasting and devastating impact on our health!

Brainwave Training

This is where I started to gain a whole new set of knowledge! George introduced us to the various brainwave states and their functions as well as providing us with some Brainwave Training audio programs to listen to each day. He described these audio programs as a type of modern meditation which utilises sound to induce a particular brainwave state. They are pretty funky to listen to; they sound almost like a helicopter sitting on the roof going hell-for-leather. Admittedly it does take some effort to actually sit and listen to a 30 minute program but I find that it is getting easier after the first few days. During the program, while focusing on my breathing and releasing any muscle tension, a strange sensation comes over the body and I kind of feel like I am floating, super-relaxed. It is almost undeniable, in my opinion, that the audio programs, if embraced, do have an affect, if not a physiological affect on the neurons in the brain, then at the very minimum taking 30 mins out of your busy day to relax and reset can’t be a bad thing!

Empowerment Principles

George has devised a detailed list of 52 principles that can help us to live more empowered lives.

Empowering Principles are our backbone. The closer we align with these empowering principles, the stronger our purpose, passion and confidence is to navigate through life.

– George Helou

By incorporating these principles in to all areas of our lives they allow us to enjoy a more enriched experience, enjoy more meaningful relationships and have the confidence and the strength to follow your purpose.


I didn’t anticipate this blog post being so long when I started it but it is easy to get carried away excitedly with the information presented in this first session. All of this information really is life changing, but it doesn’t necessarily change what is ‘out’ there, it changes how you respond and perceive the world around you. By having a greater awareness of the potentials and the possibilities existing outside of your programmed neaural pathways you have a greater choice over your experience in each moment. This alternate awareness has the ability to actually transform our physiology, our cells and neurons, to disconnect from limiting, self-sabotaging habits and beliefs and create new, empowered identities that make living our purpose effortless.

Looking forward to session 2…

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