The lover of wisdom…

lover [philo] of wisdom [sophia]



Belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, social, or economic life.

– Definition,

How the Spanish say ‘I love you’

Today’s linguistic gem comes from the Spanish language. I learnt the other day that the Spanish have two ways to say ‘I love you’.

The first way is ‘Te queiro’ which can be used to say ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’. The second is ‘Te amo’ which is just ‘I love you’.

So what is the difference? A bit of googling has revealed that ‘Te quiero’ is a broad ‘I love you’ that can be said towards your partner, spouse, friends, family etc. ‘Te amo’ is reserved for your intimate relationships, your lover, and likely said behind closed doors.

I find it fascinating how so many other languages have different phrases/words that apply in different situations, whether formal or informal, or being said to a male or a female. Makes you realise how ‘simple’ the English language is!


Word of the Day – Mosolyog

Today’s word of the day was inspired by an Hungarian work colleague. Every couple of weeks I get her to teach me a new word which I try to use as much as possible around her. I think that she enjoys it when I use the simple please, thank you, yes, no because she always breaks into a big smile. Sometimes I do it just to make her smile if she is looking a little down or bored. I think she has been in the UK for a few years so I can imagine that it must be nice for her to hear her native language every now and then just to give her a little piece of home. I know that, for myself, whenever I hear another Australian accent I instantly feel connected to my home land, however brief.

Today’s word is Mosolyog which means ‘smile’.

As far as I can gather it is pronounced ‘moy-shoy-og’. So if by chance you meet an Hungarian in the near future just remember mosolyog.