It’s all about Purpose – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 5

You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head.

– Finding Forrester (Movie)

I wouldn’t imagine I was alone in believing that ‘purpose’ was something to be found. It has been something that I have struggled with in the couple of months prior to EP7, pretty much the time that I had decided to leave Ireland and come back to Perth. The question ‘what do I want to do?’ plagued me, ‘what is my purpose?’ repeated over and over. Then I started to question even further ‘what is purpose?’ , ‘what does it mean to have purpose?’, ‘how does one live purpose?’. Of course believing that purpose is something that we happen upon one day, rather than being able to create it, lead me to assume that I just haven’t found mine yet, and perhaps I never would.

Eventually it occurred to me that maybe ‘purpose’ isn’t some thing, like an object, but rather a ‘way’ of being. To live ‘on purpose’, purposeful living, intentional living. Maybe I had just been looking at the word and it’s definition incorrectly. With that little shift in context it became a little clearer but the question now became ‘what is my intention?’.

Creating Purpose

The thing I love the most about George’s EP7 program is how he injects reality and life into some of the most whimsical of concepts. In Step 5: Purpose, he has made the idea of creating and living my purpose so real and tangible for me that I would have to be a complete dummy to not see that I can now achieve genius outcomes in all areas of my life. He has managed to remove any uncertainty I had about purpose and replaced them with just one question ‘Am I going to get out of my own way and allow myself to create and live my purpose?’.

Values are the language of the heart.

– George Helou

I realised some time ago that life is all about having quality experiences. Travelling taught me that! It’s not about the things your own, the money you have, where you are or who you are with; what really matters is that you have something to get excited about, something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Whilst I knew all of this, and had had amazing experiences I felt as if I was still missing something. It now seems apparent to me that although I had these amazing experiences from time to time in different places, and with different people, maybe I was going about them the wrong way.

This is quite literally only just occurring to me now as I write this, but perhaps my recipe for quality experiences was ‘new people, new places’ all the time. But now, with George’s introduction to the concept of value literacy and purpose development I can now see how I can create those quality experiences in my life every day, anywhere! We can all achieve amazing experiences in our every day lives by taking the time to create our purpose to ourselves, others and our roles then allowing ourselves to live them in alignment with our values.

How could this not create the quality experiences we all crave?

Our heart knows what we want, our gut tells us when we have found it and our head tries its best to stop us unless we train it otherwise…

Crystal Clear

Purpose used to feel like such a hard thing to define but now it feels so real, touchable almost. I can see now that by becoming clear on our purpose and intention in all areas of life, the attainment of our desires, and quality experiences becomes effortless and natural. We can become more stream-lined, fast-tracking our success. In much the same way our limiting thoughts and beliefs prevented our breakthroughs, our commitment to purpose and values will create a new blinkered range where we can’t see anything besides excellence and love.

Our purpose is at the mercy of our imagination.

– George Helou

We will also have a much greater respect for ourselves so when situations arise that don’t align with our heart we will have the courage to assert our free will and respectfully decline involvement. By employing the prescribed emotionally relevant repetition in the Purpose Developer Template we can take control of the very same mechanism that implanted those disempowering thoughts and beliefs in the first place. We can re-wire our neurons connecting them up with entirely new ideas, values and principles to help us live more inline with our heart’s purpose and turn life into a quality experience.

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In search of a miracle

If you are looking for a miracle, look no further. You are the greatest miracle there is! The very fact you can sit there and read this, and know you are doing so is proof enough of how amazing you are.

The Dark Side – My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 3

We are only ever one context away from a breakthrough!

– George Helou

In the interest of remaining transparent and truthful about my EP7 experience I must confess that I am struggling. As much as George tells us all to not judge ourselves too harshly I still find myself beating myself up over the realisations I am having about my behaviour and beliefs in the areas of my life that I feel I am lacking. The personal assessment work and the deconstruction of disempowering ideas is revealing a great deal more than I had expected to find but it is only through awareness of the things holding us back that we can start to ‘re-imagine’ a different outcome. And this is the point of the program thus far; know your biological potential to be outstanding, understand where you are now, and then, Step 3: Imagination, is about identifying your ability to re-imagine an alternate destiny more in line with your desires.

Down, but not out…

I feel like I have certainly opened up to another side of my being…I am going to call it the ‘Dark Side’! Not a Star Wars reference, more a metaphor for the dark side of the moon, unseen, kept in darkness, but it is a part of the whole moon nonetheless. The Personal Assessment process is revealing a number of beliefs that aren’t really conducive to desirable quality experiences and I am starting to realise that things don’t have to be that way any longer. With the use of my imagination I have the power to think beyond my current beliefs and ‘re-imagine’ something new. The only little obstacle I am currently facing is myself; I have to stop judging myself and start to look, and think, beyond the current version of myself.

We are always imagining a ‘version’ of reality!

Our beliefs are nothing more than a series of ideas, or ‘filters’ through which we interpret the information coming in. It was incredibly useful for me to visualise a series of hanging hoops, with me on one end, and the rest of the world on the other. As I am looking through these hoops, each hoop being a different idea, they all influence how I am seeing the world at the end. Personal Assessment helps us to identify each individual hoop and our imagination allows us to substitute these hoops, ideas, with other, better-serving, ideas completely transforming how we perceive the world. We can re-imagine another version of reality!

Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.

– Albert Einstein

It sounds way too easy but despite some resistance it is starting to seem pretty logical to me. I know that the resistance I am feeling is of my own creation fuelled by my own judgements and my pre-conditioning. In order to allow my imagination to take the reins and and re-imagine a version of reality more in tune with my heart I have to detach and allow what is to be, without judgement or criticism. Only then, with patience and clear intention, can I begin to re-imagine and create more empowering relationships and situations.

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Missed it….

It is impossible to know for sure but it seems at times that the universe is responding to my wishes time and time again. Opportunities arise, seemingly out of nowhere, and sometimes I see them in the moment and just have to act consciously, or I look back and see the opportunity that I had taken unconsciously and how it lead me to where I wanted to be. Sometimes I know that I have missed them, usually held back by my own fears. But perhaps there is no such thing as a missed opportunity, perhaps it is in itself an opportunity to learn and grow from.



If you can find the courage to follow your heart, you can become an inspiration for others in your life to follow.

Stef Perkins, Soulful Horsemanship



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Follow that which inspires you.