Privatise the Heavens

What would be the result in heaven itself if those who get there first instituted property in the surface of heaven, and parcelled it out in absolute ownership among themselves, as we parcel out the surface of the earth?

– Henry George


Never quite enough…

People are wedded to the idea that money will bring them more happiness. When they think of the effects of more money, they are failing to factor in the fact that when they get more money they are going to want even more money. When they get more money, they are going to want a bigger house. They never have enough money but what they do is sacrifice their family life and health to get more money.

– Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man

Money Worship

Money no longer works for us. We work for it. Money has taken over the world. As a society, we worship and venerate a commodity that has no intrinsic value, to the expense of all else. What’s more, our entire notion of money is built on a system which promotes inequality, environmental destruction and disrespect for humanity.

– Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man

Beautifully Miraculous

Could it be that we’re really unique, very special, very powerful beings in disguise? What if we’re delegates of miraculous potential, born into this world to fulfill a beautiful destiny – one that we’ve simply forgotten in the face of conditions that have shocked us into the dreamlike state of being powerless?

– Gregg Braden, Author of The Deep Truth

Conflict Hot-spots

If we look closely at the issues and hot spots of unrest in the world today, we see that the conflict is generally not with the people of the farms and villages themselves. Rather, it’s the organisations attempting to change the lives of others – the governments, corporations, and political movements – which trigger the hurt and strife.

– Gregg Braden, Author of The Deep Truth